Robbie Collomore Music Series



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    "Blind Boy" Paxton

    Railroad Bill

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    Hot Club of Detroit


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    Hot Club of Detroit

    Goodbye Mr. Shearing


Wunsch and Bruskin

Britten • Cello Sonata in C, op. 65

Julia Bruskin & Aaron Wunsch


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.22.40 AM

Swing One

Hot Club of Detroit

The Latest

You know the old joke about directions in New York City. A tourist asks a Manhattanite, “How to you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer is brief. “Practice.” Well, there is another route to Carnegie Hall and it starts at the Chester Meeting House. “Play at the Robbie Collomore concerts,” says Martin Nadel, chairman of the Chester-based Collomore series. … (Read More)